Imagine a paperless planner that allows you to view tomorrow’s lessons today.

A planner that pre-loads every one of your timetabled subjects & classes across the entire teaching year...all you have to do is start adding your lesson plans.


The 6 Essential eDiary Features:

  1. Add & personalise your timetable
  2. Add, update, copy & print your lesson plans
  3. Add student homework & work due reminders
  4. Add assessment & attendance data
  5. Schedule school events, meetings & reminders
  6. Add teaching resources & policy documents

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From Australia’s leading publisher of teacher planners comes the Teacher eDiary. It’s the only Australian online planner for teachers, developed by teachers, that’s cost-effective, easy-to-use and offers high-end security. Now in its third year, it is continuously fine-tuned to meet the demands of our users.

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